All Pilea peperomioides plants are carefully nurtured  to ensure they will grow to be healthy and strong and a wonderful addition to your house plant family. We are private collectors who love our plants!

Please note, at present there is a waiting list – these are the ‘real deal’ – be wary of imitators and fakes out there! Here at Pilea People, we are the People that know our Pileas!

When they are ready, we send you an email that reads …

The next batch of Pilea peperomioides are ready to go! Please note: NOT able to be posted to Tasmania, Western Australia or Northern Territory – sorry.

Plants will be posted from either Qld or NSW (we have two sites) and relevant domestic quarantine regulations have been addressed for all other states besides Tasmania, WA and NT.

Be assured your little Pilea will be well packed inside a box with some paper padding and sent via Express Post with a Signature required on arrival.

One (1) Pilea peperomioides baby plant is $35 and with Express Post plus Extra Signature / Packaging being $14.95, the total is $49.95.

Thank You.

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