With your purchase of a Pilea peperomioides from Pilea People, we include some Care Notes to help keep your plant looking its best, though we are sometimes asked about their care in general (or before purchasing to make sure it’s the right plant for you!) so we’d thought we’d share some of this Care Advice for all Pilea enthusiasts.

  • Position – Bright, but indirect (sun)light, either indoors or outside.
  • Water – Water only when the top 1-2cm of soil feels dry. “Wet Feet” can cause yellowing leaves and rot.
  • Potting Medium – Quality potting mix. A few dollars extra spent on the Premium kind is well worth it. Please consider this when your Pilea needs to be repotted.
  • Fertiliser – In the warmer months,  a liquid fertiliser with a balanced NPK ratio can be added to the water. Just look for something like “All-Purpose Soluble Fertiliser” and follow the directions.
  • Pilea peperomioides are really not a difficult plant to take care of at all. Probably most often is killing with kindness – too much water, which is the demise of a range of house plants.

If your poor Pilea is on the brink, please CONTACT US and we’ll see if we can help you diagnose the problem and hopefully help your plant recover.